The invention of digital slot machines was a boon to poker players, because video slots in turn led to the creation of video poker, a version of the classic card game that has no bluffs, no opponents and no distractions. It pits the player against the machine alone, trying to decide which helpful cards to hold while they spin the remaining reels again, in an attempt to create a better winning hand. Wins are judged strictly on the strength of the final hand produced in each round, and payouts are governed by a set payout table based on each hand’s poker ranking.

Its poker made simple, with no one else to disturb you, basically. And now you don’t even have to venture into a real-world casino to get your video poker kicks; iPad video poker can deliver to you the same in-casino experience, whenever and wherever you feel like playing.

Cutting-Edge Mobile Casino Play

Arguably, the iPad is the perfect device on which to play in mobile casinos. It’s less bulky and much more portable than any MacBook or desktop, but much bigger than an iPhone. Its large, intuitive touchscreen, together with the state-of-the-art animations made possible by its superb graphics and sound quality, give a playing experience very similar to being in a real-world casino.

iPad video poker in particular is a lot like real life, as the digitally rendered spinning reels and intricate,  high-resolution card faces mimic the real-world casino experience almost exactly. Mobile casinos also offer several different versions of the same game, each one coded for a specific device, so iPad video poker will let you choose a version that plays best on the iPad. Chasing those flushes, straights and full houses on iPad video poker is about as close as you can get to the feel on a physical casino floor.

Whether You Gamble is Up to You

There are probably as many free casinos online as there are real-money casinos. The former operate only on credits, and players can’t bet or win real money, so they’re perfect for people who don’t fancy the financial risk of gambling. Real-money casinos, on the other hand, cater to the other sort of punter: the player who does enjoy risk, especially if it means they can win real money in return. A quick online search will reveal hundreds of examples of both types of mobile casino, so anyone can enjoy iPad video poker anytime they like, while deciding for themselves whether or not they want to bet real money.

In fact, free casinos hold regular lucky draws for players who have gathered enough credits, while on the other hand real-money casinos regularly offer players free bet bonuses that still offer the chance of real-money wins. So in both free casinos and real-money casinos, players get the opportunity to play for free, but stand to win for real. Convenience, easy access, an authentic feel, control over how much you spend and free game play with the possibility of real wins: when you add up all the positives, iPad video poker turns out to be a great way to entertain yourself on your iPad, any time of the day or night.