Playtech is a leading provider of online casino software and having been around since 1999 Playtech has a firmly placed reputation. They are one of the oldest and largest developers who have their own version of Jacks or Better video poker available at Playtech powered online casinos. Playtech’s version of Jacks or Better has its own special features and is known to be a fast paced version but the aim, rules and base of the game is as it should be and is no different from other versions.

About Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a solo playing poker styled game that is played with a deck of fifty-two cards at The cards are shuffled after every round. Jacks or Better video poker follows the standard poker hand values but includes any pair of jacks and pairs with a value higher as the name suggest. The conventional poker rankings and pay out values remain consistent in Playtech’s version and all of the information is visible on the top of the online video poker screen.

How to Play Jacks or Better

Up to five coins of varying values can be placed on a hand. Once the bets are placed the deal button is clicked on to have five cards dealt face up. At this point any of the cards can be held especially those that show potential to making up a high valued poker hand. The unselected cards will be discarded when the deal button is clicked on again and the additional cards will be dealt to make up a five-card hand. This is the final deal and the cards will be immediately evaluated for any poker rankings and the highest valued hand will be paid out.

Jacks or Better Poker Strategy and Rankings

The best strategy is to hold any cards that have a chance to make a possible poker hand especially those that have higher rankings. Jacks or Better does not have a wild card to assist in creating poker hands so the valued cards need to be in hand to count. The lowest valued hands are the pairs, these need to be minimum two Jacks.

Two Queens, two Kings and two Aces are the only other pairs that pay out. Next, from lowest to highest ranking, is the three of a kind hand then a straight that is consecutive denominations of any suit. A flush which is five cards of the same suit, a full house consists of three matching denominations and a pair, four of a kind, a straight flush of five consecutive numbers in the same suit and the highest poker value is the royal flush where the hand holds ten through to ace of the same suit.

Playtech’s Jacks or Better Gamble Feature

After a winning poker hand the Playtech Jacks or Better gamble feature allows the winning amount to be doubled up by playing a guessing game. Opting to play the gamble game will bring about a new screed with a deck of cards. The aim is to correctly guess whether the next drawn cards will be red or black. Correct guesses will double the winning amount but guessing incorrectly results in the gambled amount being lost.