Aus Slots games have become so successfully popular over the last couple of decades that they have now been made available to almost everyone on the planet. Originally slot machine games were found in brick and mortar casinos and other institutions, but now they can be found online too.

Historically slot machine games in casinos have an age limit on them, as gambling is not legal below a certain age, these days however free slots can be found online and are available for all to play. These slot games do not use any real money, but will still give the player the feel and thrill of spinning the reels and seeing what comes up.

How to Play Free Slots

As mentioned, free slots are mostly found online and not in physical institutions. This is not to say that there are no physical free slots, they are just much more rare than the online virtual kind. To play free slots the first thing you need to have is an Internet connection. Once connected a player then needs to go into their web browser, or app store in the case of a mobile device, and search for free slots online. There will be almost hundreds of options that come up, each with a different theme and some with added attractions. If the player is using a mobile device, they will either have to download the free slots software to their device or some are able to be played in the web browser.

Each of these options has their advantages and disadvantages and it is purely up to the player to decide which suits them best. Once the software is either loaded of accessed via the browser, the player will then be asked to create an account. As these are free slots, you will not have to supply any banking details or other personal details such as an I.D. number, beware of free slots sites that ask you for these. Account created and you are good to go. Now simply choose your favourite game, enter the free coins, and spin away.

Types of Free Slots

There are a few different types of free slots available to online slots Singapore players to choose from. The first is the more original based three-reel slot game. These are simple games that resemble the original slot machine games found in old school casinos. These games have only three spinning reels and one payline. Appealing to traditionalists, three reel slots are also great for beginners to get the hang of things before they move on to more complex games. Three reel slots often have fruit, bars and sevens as symbols but rarely have any added extras.

The rest of the slot types can fall under subcategories of five reel or video slots. These slots can have up to 50 reels and many paylines. They often have animated graphics, story lines, special symbols and added extras. Extras could be in the form of bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols and even separate betting games. These slots are almost like playing an actual arcade game and are very popular amongst free slot players.