Scratch cards have been a popular form of gambling for a long time. There is the ever present exciting chance of paying a small amount for a large instant win. Scratch cards are similar to a lottery, without having to wait for a draw to find out if you are a winner. They were always readily available at kiosks and the grocers, although you had to abide by the opening times.

Then came the online casinos, with their offers of convenient gaming at home, whatever games you wanted to play. Scratch cards were not long in following the trend, and the giant developers like NetEnt are offering variations of the scratch cards that are more exciting than ever before, as well as offering some huge prizes. NetEnt has certainly given scratch cards a new scale of fun. Most of the latest scratch cards by NetEnt contain features like multipliers, or special bonuses, or even a progressive jackpot that players can win.

The Amount of Your Bet will Determine Your Prize

The Lost Pyramid is not a difficult game to play. You first pick the amount of the bet you want to place, by clicking on the Bet button at the bottom of the screen. You can now decide which blocks in the pyramid you want to turn over, or you can allow the Auto Pick to do that for you. You are allowed seven chances per game, so you can turn over a total of seven blocks in the pyramid.

You can select the amount of the bet you want to place in the Lost Pyramid scratch card, as there is no fixed prize as you find in other scratch cards. The higher the amount of your bet, the bigger will be your prize. Your profits made in the Lost Pyramid are based on the number of gold bars that you find, and the main prize that you could win for finding all seven bars will be based on the amount of your bet.

There is a Pay Table in the Lost Pyramid scratch card that you will find on the right side of the screen, where you will be able to see at once the possible profit you could make with your bet.

Like all NetEnt scratch card games, there are some settings that you can adjust yourself, by using the icons at the bottom of the screen. You can get help with any of the rules of the game, and also view your game history.

An Ancient Mayan Theme

The Lost Pyramid is one of the new breed of scratch card. This attractive scratch card even has a theme, like the slots at The Lost Pyramid has an ancient Mayan theme, and offers players a pyramid instead of the normal scratch area.  The 3D graphics in the Lost Pyramid are well designed and profits can be high.

The Lost Pyramid is not the usual kind of scratch card that you buy for a set price. This scratch card offers you a choice of bets. The higher the amount of your bet, the higher will be your profits. The goal of the Lost Pyramid scratch card is to find a number of gold bars in the pyramid. The pyramid consists of thirty six blocks. There is a total of seven gold bars, and if you manage to find all seven, you will win the main prize in the game. Prizes start from two gold bars appearing.