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An Explanatory Look at Video Poker for Players

Poker, the famous game of cards and deceit, has become such a recognizable pastime that it has forever been solidified into modern popular culture. While the game itself is quite old and dates back over a century, its modern variation as video poker is fairly new, but has taken the world by storm in its…

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Why iPad Video Poker is Even Better than the Real Thing

The invention of digital slot machines was a boon to poker players, because video slots in turn led to the creation of video poker, a version of the classic card game that has no bluffs, no opponents and no distractions. It pits the player against the machine alone, trying to decide which helpful cards to…

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The Casino Bonus Structure

New players in Canada opting for online casino bonus promotions are in for a treat. Nearly all-online casinos issue new and existing players from Canada with a free bonus reward. These rewards are greater upon sign up, as sign up online casino bonus offers entice players to join the casino and allows for extended game…

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