Hot on the heels of its predecessor, Jack Hammer, Jack Hammer 2 Touch online slots game has been released by NetEnt. In the second installment in the Jack Hammer series, players go back to the world of the detective after which the game is named. Except that this time, he has a new villain, Don Crabby. Jack must rescue Pearl, a lovely lass in distress.

Players can help him do so and win some considerably generous prizes while they’re at it. Below, you will find a brief tutorial on the game and everything it has to offer so that when you sit down to play it, you know everything you need to.

99 Paylines

Jack Hammer 2 Touch online slots game really does have 99 paylines to entertain USA players with. Most other slots games have around 25 at a push, but NetEnt pulled out all the stops with this one. 99 paylines does not just mean that this game is almost four times the size of other games. It also means that players will have 99 opportunities to win with every spin, making work as Jack Hammer’s assistant seem like quite a lucrative job.

Sticky Slots Wins

The original Jack Hammer was a popular online slots game for a number of reasons, perhaps the main one being because of the Sticky Wins functionality. Essentially, what this does is lock a winning spin in place. Then, when the player spins again, that win will remain and spin the other reels.

This not only gives players more chance to win, and higher amounts of cash to win, but it remains there until no more wins have been spun. It’s an innovative feature that has won those playing Jack Hammer 2 Touch online slots some very generous rewards at

Symbols on the Reels

When it comes to the symbols used in Jack Hammer 2 Touch online slots games, players in the USA will find that they have been kept very simple. With five generic symbols that include a microphone, a barrel of fish, a guitar case, a docked boat and another boat that has Pearl tied up in it, these symbols make for the standard matching combination wins. However, the higher paying symbols take the form of the story’s main characters. These include the title character Jack Hammer, the villain Don Crabby, the damsel in distress Pearl and Goons.

Jack Hammer 2 Touch online casino slots game has some innovative features that were carried over from the original Jack Hammer. With sticky wins and 99 paylines on offer, players are sure to be as welcoming to the sequel as they were to the original. This could be especially true considering the fact that the game is easily accessible and can be played from a range of devices, including the majority of Android and iOS devices. This game adapts to fit the screen of any device as well; giving players more freedom to choose whichever device they feel most comfortable with.