Online casinos now come in every shape and size and by the thousands, and almost all of them offer new players some sort of bonus for signing up and playing. These bonuses are the main draw for both new and experienced players, and finding the best online casino free bonus is the key to finding a casino that suits the player’s needs.

While land-based casinos in Canada will always have that certain draw of the lights and atmosphere, they cannot compare to online casinos in sheer terms of both choice and promotions, and it is this promotional content that has made online casinos the go-to for players across the country that are looking for new games to play.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Welcome Bonus

Free bonuses that casinos offer come in many forms, ranging from simple, straightforward rewards to long-term loyalty bonuses that are awarded based on time spent at the casino. One of the first and most common online casino free bonus types is the welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus in most instances is awarded to players that meet certain requirements after they have signed up to a new casino. The requirements can vary depending on the policies of the casino, but most commonly it will be linked to the amount of time the player has spent; the amount they have deposited; or the number of games that they have played. After the requirements have been met, players can receive rewards such as credit to their account, free spins, or even real money that they are able to withdraw.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Match Bonus

The match bonus is a type of bonus that players will come across often, and is especially popular with Canadian gaming sites. With this bonus, players will receive guaranteed returns which are matched to the amount that the player has deposited into the casino, which can often mean hundreds of dollars in certain circumstances.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Free Play Casinos

Another online casino free bonus comes in the form of a free play bonus, which is very similar to no deposit bonuses. Here, players receive rewards for signing up and playing with a casino, but instead of receiving cash rewards, players are given the chance to player a select number of games offered by the casino for free, such as free spins for slot games. Many of the games linked with the free play casino are also some of the latest, meaning players have a chance to play some of the newest games on the market.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Refer-A-Friend

The refer-a-friend is an extremely common type of reward, and is seen in many different markets. Players simply need to get a friend of theirs to sign up with the casino and once they have proven that they are indeed friends with the new person, the player will receive rewards from the casino.

Online Casino Free Bonus Overall

Online casino free bonus and promotions are the best way to filter out the different Canadian casinos online, giving players the opportunity to find a site that they can stay with permanently.