The online sports betting sites that South Africans are lucky enough to have access to are all in competition with each other. As they try to tempt you to bet with them and not their rivals, they offer fantastic perks such as superior odds and a whole variety of free bets. These allow you to wager more and win more, and with so many on offer all the time it’s almost wasteful to punt without them. If you’re interested in learning how to find and use the best free bets, read on below.

Keep you Betting Online

Ultimately, free bets are used to keep you interested and betting more money, so bookmakers usually add some terms and conditions to them. Read these through carefully and make sure you understand them well before you agree to anything. The playthrough stipulations, for example, can be quite steep if the payouts are especially generous. These requirements mean you have to place more bets before you can access your winnings, and you need to be sure you are happy with these. Don’t forget to also check the markets that the free bets apply to, as they are sometimes the least lucrative. Stay on our toes to minimise your risk and maximise your returns.

Types of Online Free Bets

Online bets may be offered for free when you sign up to a new bookie, and often have the least strings attached. As you play more there are many situations that reward you with Match Deposit Bonuses, where the amount of money you put down is equalled, or Percentage Deposit Bonuses, where a portion of what you put down is redeposited into your account. These basically amount to free bets, and may be given when you play at certain times, when you introduce new members, when you deposit over a certain amount, or for many different creative reasons. Find the sports betting sites that offer the best free bets opportunities for you.

Using Your Online Free Bets

The more time you spend on the outstanding online South African sportsbooks, the more familiar with different wagers and possibilities you will become, and you will really learn what works for you. You’ll know how to use your free bets most shrewdly, but to start you off in the meantime read through the two proven strategies below on using free bets well.

First of all, you should register with several online bookies at once, and then bet on every possible different outcome of the same event, all with your free wagers. You’ll be paid out no matter what happens, and won’t be risking any money of your own. The best free bets to use in this situation are Any Which Way but Lost bets and evenly matched bets.

Another option is to register at sports betting sites that allow you to use your Welcome Bonuses anywhere. If you use this bonus and your own money to put money on two bets at the same time, you reduce your risk and increase your chance of profiting, because one bet is actually free.

Win with Free Bets


By using your free bets wisely, you can take your winnings from decent to jaw-dropping. Stay alert, do as much research as you can and register at several trustworthy South African sports betting sites. You’ll be well-rewarded for the time you invest.