For as long as there is a probable outcome to any important, one way or the other, there will be bets wagered on that event.  Bettors are generally inclined to engage in bets relating to a personal interest, for example MotoGP or Super Rugby.  Some people enjoy sports, others are more interested in current affairs like political outcomes.

There are a variety of political betting markets doing the rounds on a global level.  Political betting options obviously change as the political climates evolve.  Current markets include who the next country will be to leave the European Union, the identity of the next president of France, a yes or a no vote in favour of Scotland’s independence and even who the next president of the United States will be (the year 2020).

Political betting is an interesting betting category, as it is known to correctly predict the likelihood of an event – more often than not.  Political betting correctly predicted the outcome of the 2012 United States elections, including State by State statistics.

A number of main political betting markets are currently running on bookmaker’s sites.

The European Union: Staying Or Leaving

Each country governs its own constitution, and as such, according to its constitutional and governmental requirements may decide to leave give up its membership to the European Union. Member countries sign treaties governing issues such as free trade, cross-border trade, etc. Citizens living in countries holding EU membership, are able to work in other countries that are part of the EU. The other side of the coin is that the EU has the power to impose sanctions on those overstepping the boundary rules of international law.

The odds are determined by the likelihood of a particular country upping and leaving, based on the political standing and climate of that particular country.

Predicting Who The Next President Of France Will Be

France will be voting in its next president in 2017, and betting markets are abuzz with last minute entries as to who the victor will be.

Scotland’s Independence: Yay Or Nay

The main political issue in Scotland is the fact that the majority vote isn’t always reflected in government, being seated in Westminster, England. By voting to regain it’s independence, Scotland will be attempting to steer its own course, and ensure that current government is at all times a reflection of what the nation wants.

Betting on the question of Scotland’s independence falls within yes or no bets, a betting market tailor made for the political betting scene.

Futures Betting At Its Best – United States President 2020

Betting sites are open and active and ready to receive wagers on who the next president of the United States of America will be. This is a classic example of futures online betting USA. There is currently little to go on regarding the identity of the likely candidate. Risking a wager at this stage will see a better return in the event of an accurate prediction, than say, a bet placed in 2018.