The issue of responsible gambling has long been a controversial one.  Compulsive gambling, whether at land-based or online casinos, is a financially risky activity and a very serious social issue.  Casinos are often blamed – mostly wrongfully so – that not enough is being done to ensure the social and psychological well-being of players.

Online casinos encourage players to adhere to responsible gambling so that players may continue to play for the right reason – to have fun.  Online casinos are fully aware of the fact that those players who do not experience gambling as a positive and enjoyable activity will often quit playing altogether.  This does not serve the casino in any way.  It is therefore in the best interest of the casino to ensure that players play in a responsible manner and for the right reasons.

In It for the Long Haul

Online casino operators realise that keeping players happy and creating an environment that promotes balance and solid bank-roll management is the key to achieving their own long-term business goals.

The online casino industry is a business industry.  The operational success and longevity of any business industry depends directly on not only sound business practice, but also on a moral compass that is driven by compassion.

For the Good of the Group

Online casino operators realise that failing to adhere to a responsible gambling code of conduct will have dire consequences.  These consequences will not only affect the particular operator or online site, but will have a negative impact on the online casino industry as a whole – both commercially as well as legally.

It is in everyone’s best interest to constantly promote fair and responsible gambling – both from a business as well as from a personal and moral perspective.

When Reputation is Everything

As is the case with most avenues of a country’s economy, and even global economy, variety and competition are what drive a healthy system.  The online casino industry is no exception in this regard.  Players are spoilt for choice and are becoming increasingly more aware of word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews.  There is no reason to settle for anything less than perfect.  Players tend to flock to sites known for fair play, quick payouts, efficient customer service and a responsible operational ethic.

Online Limits – A New Perspective

One of the ways in which online casinos are encouraging players to play responsibly, is by including the option to set a daily / weekly / monthly limit.  Players need simply make contact with the online casino’s customer service department, and request for the limit to be imposed.  The player’s account will then be restricted accordingly.

According to a self-exclusion policy, players can even request that their profiles be temporarily or permanently suspended.  Not all players succumb to destructive playing behaviour, and more often than not, a temporary suspension is a sufficient gambling holiday.

All reputable online casinos offer a wealth of self-help information, as well as contact details for various partnerships supporting responsible gambling.