Crystal Forest slot by Williams Interactive features twenty five paylines and five reels.

The graphics in this game are a mix of realistic animals and flowers mixed with more cartoon elements. The colours are vivid with splashes of bright blues, greens, yellows and reds among an otherwise dark backdrop.

The background on which the reel sits is a dark and mysterious forest. It is illustrated in such a way that foreboding undertones are easily passed on to the player. The forest is bathed in a blue and purple glow from a large light source from the back of the illustration. It is a night scene and this helps to set the mood for the game.

The reel itself has a transparent background so player is able to see the dark forest scene behind. It is bordered by a large wooden branch that wraps all the way around the playing area. This brand has a brown vine snaking around it along with different sized purple crystals. The crystals that are growing out of the side are quite small while the crystals over the top, which line up with the reels, are quite large in comparison.

Crystal Forest Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Crystal Forest are a mix of animals, plants, magical elements, and fantasy characters.

The first reel symbol is a fairy. She has white wings, a flower wreath over her head and sits on a bright blue background. Other symbols in this game include a multi-coloured butterfly, a ladybug, a unicorn, a rabbit, flowers, mushrooms, and

Game Layout

To the left of the reel the player is given information in the form of six sided purple shapes which are also known as hexagons. There are eight hexagons stacked vertically. From top to bottom they state fifty free plays, twenty five free plays, fifteen free plays, ten free plays, and seven free plays. The last three symbols are clusters of shining white crystals. When one of these hexagons is highlighted by a player win, they light up and are surrounded by a yellow border.

Under the reel, the player of online keno Canada will see a block of purple boxes surrounded by the same large wooden branch as above. The vines that surround the branch appear to grow out of the bottom of the screen. There are several buttons in this box that give the player the option to bet varying amounts of money on each spin. The spin bet options starts at .25 and continues in .25 increments until the number reaches 3.75. The spin bet option then jumps to 1.25 increments until reaching 10.00. Once there, the spin bet option jumps to 2.50 increments. It continues to change in increments until it finally reaches the maximum bet of 125.00.

Above these numbers is the formula for total bet which is lines multiplied by the players total bet per line.

toadstools. Additional symbols are a magic wand, a potion bottle, a lantern and a wreath.

Bonus Features

The player can win up to fifty free spins in Crystal Forest if they trigger four consecutive cascades. The minimum number of free spins the player can win is seven for triggers four cascades.