Sevens High, created by QuickSpin, is an online casino slot machine game featuring a unique visual design, entertaining game play, and a number of special bonus options. In order to win the player must spin the reels and hope that winning sequences are created.

These sequences, from left to right, will be marked with a solid line, identifying the win to the player, and will payout accordingly. The amount of money won depends on the icons forming the sequence, and the amount of icons in the sequence. More matches will always mean a bigger payout, up to a maximum of five per sequence created. The most unique this about Sevens High, however, is the highly bombastic soundtrack and dazzling visual design.

Visual Design and Soundtrack

Sevens High features a unique visual design, including a dazzling display that accompanies each spin taken. The music, expertly created to be reminiscent of a nightclub, swells and evolves with the game, changing with each spin and rising to a pitch during bonus sequences. The experience is very unique and sure to keep players coming back if only to enjoy the assault on the senses.

Game Play and Icons

The game features a five reel and twenty five play lines system. The icons, considered to be classics, include a cherry, orange, lemon and plum. These are played alongside the many seven icons, which are divided into colour. Each seven also has a wild version, but these are only played during the second consecutive win, which stands as the second feature that makes this game highly unique in its design.

Special Bonus Features

Sevens High features a unique form of play, which works in the following way. Every winning sequence created triggers an extra second spin, which, if also achieving a win, fills a gauge shown on the left of the screen. If the first wild seven is reached in the bar, another spin is taken in which that colour seven will now be a wild card, and able to match with any other icon.

The bar will again fill if another consecutive win is achieved, until eventually the entire bar will fill and all three sevens will be wild. Hence, with each win the chances of another win grow higher, allowing for massive wins that can grant huge payouts. For more information about this play system please click the playtable button, found at the bottom left of the screen.

Easy User Interface Design

The user interface of the game has been designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible like the best sites of mobile poker. The current balance is shown at the bottom of the screen, and will update automatically as the game progresses. The current bet will also be shown, as well as the bets per line. You may raise or lower the bet via the arrows beside the bet window.

The circular arrow, at the bottom right of the screen, will take a single manual spin, while the two lopped arrows will start the auto spin feature. In order to use the auto spin feature simply click the button, then indicate how many spins should be taken without input from the player. Note that auto play will stop automatically if a major win is achieved.