Commercial Recycling

Ark Recycling has evolved after years of research and development into better and more
efficient ways of complying with all waste management regulations. We provide regular or
once off collections from business premises (factories, shops, distribution centres, garages,
pubs, restaurants, printers, public bodies, county councils, government agencies etc.) all
over the country dealing with all clean dry recyclables.


We can bale your product (either you deliver or we collect), be it paper, cardboard, plastic,
drink cans, food cans, fabric or what have you? into half ton / mill size bales. You can then
decide at your leisure where or how best to sell or dispose of the product yourself if you
wish, or we can do it all for you. We can also provide storage & loading facilities.


We can collect from your premises as required nationwide. Only clean dry recyclables are
accepted. One product per bale or bin or pallet. We collect by bale (any size), wheelie bin,
Ark bin (c.400l) barrel (120l or 200l), pallet (standard/euro size), load 20ft/40ft trailer/container.


Monitors, servers, printers, photocopiers, scan-ners, telephone systems, mobile telephones
and all other obsolete or unwanted office equipment & furniture.


We can recycle all unwanted or obsolete posters, cardboard, paper or plastic. All you have
to do is stack them on pallets (standard or euro) and wrap with cling film or tie on securely.
One type of mate-rial per pallet.


We can recycle , waste oil, paints, chemicals, batteries, oil filters, etc.

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