ARK Recycling has the latest future proof technology to mine existing landfills without any emmisions or pollution, to produce clean, useful and sellable products, and restore the land to it’s former environmentally friendly state. So we clean up the contaminated site, eliminate polution, eliminate the need for landfills or incinerators, convert all future waste into resources, provide sustainable employment locally, and so contribute to making the world a better place for all to enjoy!

Solving Ireland’s waste problems

A mechanical biological treatment plant which produces a wood substitute from processed municipal solid waste. Government recycling targets are met as only 2% of the waste remains to be put into landfill sites. There are no emissions and waste is sorted at the plant so householders and collectors do not need to separate different items.

Traditional methods of landfill and incineration are no longer sustainable. The human race needs to consider efficiency in waste management plans, to minimise the use of energy and reduce pollution. Recycling is not just about bottles and tin cans but innovative ideas for processing waste. It can even be good for the economy; for example, there is a good business opportunity for recycling glass in Ireland which does not have such a facility at present, resulting in raw material being exported and glass being imported. We have a duty to look after the environment for our children and grandchildren.

Now Is the time for Local authorities to avail of the opportunities to Clean up Landfill Sites whether Legal or Illegal within their counties. Action now is required to stop the ongoing contamination of our Lands, water supply and health. The solution is here, why delay?

Total waste recycling has arrived. The products of the future produced from the garbage of today. A very sound sustainable business for the future, we await your enquiry.

A Division of Unlimited Recycling Limited Registered in Delaware, USA. Reg. No. 3481920.

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